Regina washes the dishes and Emma dries. Henry kept breaking things… now he’s only allowed to load the dishwasher

[I’m sorry I hurt you]


oncers be like


I love a nice awkward silence…

Emma’s magic/power/Saviour-ness, is inextricably linked to Regina. She can’t leave SB and save the whole world, she can only ‘save’ people/ undo wrongs, perpetrated by the EQ (effectively ‘saving’ Regina, from herself)… Emma couldn’t fight Zelena because that wasn’t Regina’s doing. She couldn’t do magic to ‘save’ Hook—she had to lose her magic from touching his cursed lips. Her power/magic only works when it is directly connected to Regina: Either correcting harm done by; Or combining with, Regina.

When I know she holds my heart: is poetic phrasing reserved exclusively to describe figurative romantic possession. Deliberately poetic phrasing open to be interpreted as meaning Emma. Some may call that ‘queerbaiting’, others – meaningful, beautiful, subtext. One thing is for sure, it was written to strike as odd phrasing (to anyone paying attention) to use to describe her Wicked Witch Sister having collected her heart in a box of ingredients.
No SQ! may be in the overt plot, but the details tell a different story… Overt vs. subtle. Poetic vs. clunky. Is it any mistake OQ is overt and clunky, while SQ is subtle and poetic?

The big romantic metaphor of Regina literally handing RH her heart. How romantic was it though? (incidentally, the words ‘literal’ and ‘metaphor’ really shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Metaphor’s should be at least a little bit subtle, yeah? That was so NOT subtle it almost doesn’t qualify as a metaphor…Oh wait.) How about this:
This thing’s no good to me anyway. I have no use for it. It only brings me pain. The only love in my life doesn’t know who I am *. Heck, I was going to bury the damn thing in the ground until Snow convinced me to suffer on. Plus I can’t have it while I’m fighting The Witch. I have to put it somewhere, so what the hell – you’re supposed to be my “SoulMate”, you might as well hold onto it. Not of great worth to me either way.