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20 million dollars worth of plastic surgery, and that’s the face you choose?

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Marian is back. Robin has left her. Emma is to blame. And of course it is that very week when Regina realizes she is pregnant.

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If looks could kill, she would stop your heart.
Not just a girl, but a work of a r t .

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The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand.

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get to know me: five favourite actresses - angelina jolie

"I have never understood why some people are lucky enough to be born with the chance that I had, to have this path in life and why across the world, there is a woman just like me, with the same abilities and the same desires and the same work ethic and love for her family, only she sits in a refugee camp … I don’t know why this is my life and that’s hers. I don’t understand that but I will do as my mother asked, and I will do the best I can with this life, to be of use.”

The only thing more beautiful than Angelina’s face is her heart. <3

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Like Twilight fan sites slowly becoming anti-twilight sites, SWEN blogs are slowly becoming anti-ouat blogs… LOL

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Plot twist :












 ”Does everyone really think that F e l i c i t y a n d I are…” “No, just everyone who works at Queen Consolidated.” Oliver laughs nervously and says: “She’s just a f r i e n d.”

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