cant-think-str8 said: Welcome to the SWEN fandom, friend! You're certainly a minority here (being a cis het guy and all l) but I'm very glad that you decided to introduce yourself. I enjoyed reading your swan queen post (which was incredibly well-informed) and I look forward to reading your thoughts on 4x04 if you feel so inclined to post about it. Again, we're pleased to make your acquaintance. You're most welcome here. :)


thank you for saying that and i’m glad you enjoyed the post

the episode was good,  my gf didn’t enjoy it at all she kept hissing in my ear everytime Hook pops up on screen, so you can imagine the situation

like i said it wasn’t bad at all, there were too many things to love and enjoy in the ep:

let’s talk first about the Emma/henry/Regina scenes

(Emma and Henry) it was cute and adorable, and you know what i loved most abt it? that “no” when she asked him if he was sure, the kid doesn’t trust this man,he’s doesn’t know him ,he doesn’t know if this relationship is gonna work or last,coz he’s been there during the whole Graham thing,he was there when Walsh turned into a monkey,when his father died, he’ was there watching his mother losing three men and getting heartbroken over and over again, so of course he wont say ” yes mom i’m sure this time is gonna wotk”, BUT in the same time he just wants his mom to be happy you know, it’s all he cares about, seeing his mom happy again, and so he pushed her and encouraged her to go on that date..i love Henry i wanna adopt him!

(Regina and Henry) again we see how great that kid is! he quickly goes to reassure her that Robin Hood does love her, she’s not unloved,he reminds her that she has someone who loves her and wants to be with her, and he even suggested to help her and go undercover to give her a happy ending..because in the end all he wants is to see her happy, at first i was like ” that’s sweet henry but don’t go near gold..this is a man that we can’t ever trust” and i know it’s gonna hurt like a bitch because really we CANT trust gold even with his grandson, but in general i just love henry and the love he has for both his mothers. i wanna adopt hiiim.

the Charmings

oh my god..i love theem

i think i have a thing for families and stuff don’t mind me

snow really broke my heart,i know the scene was supposed to be funny and cute but i just got really sad and happy at the same time, the smile on her face, when she finally put down neal, when she took a pic of her daughter, the way she started at the pic, the fact that she stayed awake waiting for her baby girl to come home..i loved it so much

charming was his usual dorky self hehe, protective daddy doesn’t wanna know the details, he missed it all

so he made sure to play along..he knew he was being silly but he didn’t care he just wanted to make his daughter feel protected and has a father who is ready to punch the hell of whoever hurt her 

The date

i’m sorry but it wasn’t a date at all, my girlfriend made such a huge scene over nothing, am i suppose to believe that was actually a date between two people who want to know eachother better? nope..the episode didn’t show me that. the date was a part of i dont know what..maybe to please the fangirls? maybe a part of the hand plot? u know to show that shit will can be anything really but it didn’t add any value to Emma’s and Hook’s relationship, dates are supposed to give us infos,ideas and clues about our partners, dates are usually when two people talk about stuff u know, did i see that in their date? no..all i saw is them having two words or three basically about how irresistible he is, and then the Will drama happened ,then later on the kiss.

i don’t know if it was intentional to make this date meaningless..i dont know but for me i actually wished if they did talk about themselves,their lives,etc or something (in case the show runners  are serious about this couple) ..let Emma know him more, let her talk about herself a little more. but no..we saw nothing.

that’s why i’m not worried lol..

The rumple/hook drama

i have such a funny love/hate relationship with Rumple, he’s really a true villain, the show is soo much fun with him being…rumple :d

i’m glad they’re acknowledging  that Hook is too far away to be a hero, i know he probably felt regretful doing these things but i swear i saw him smiling while doing some of  these things i can’t trust him now can i the station he didn’t tell Emma he was the one who punched i doubt he’s gonna telll her the whole drama.

the idea of getting back his hand was soo dumb and stupid (Hello Emma didn’t ask you to take the hook off..and don’t tell me he’s insecure and such things..he keeps telling people “i’m devilishly handsome” 24/24h for god sake.) i think i know why he wanted it but let’s just drop it ok.. in the other hand i kinda loved the hand plot(sorry too many hand situations xd) because it could take us to gooooood places and happy swan queen ending XD

The snow queen/Emma

i’m so readdy for this..i’m so excited for Emma to break down and just deal with what ever issues she had in the past and with that creepy woman

so yeah that’s pretty much why i enjoyed the episode

don’t hate characters..coz it’s gonna ruin things for you, ”i’m looking at you Sarah”


#careful, regina, your inner emma is showing


Soooo next episode:

  • Emma backstory
  • Belle babysitting Neal
  • Snowing date night
  • Emma and Regina snark-off probably
  • David and the Knave snark-off probably
  • Emma backstory
  • Emma backstory

… YES YES YES I want all of these things please and thank


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