I don’t think love is about changing or saving a person, I think it’s about finding someone who’s already the right fit. ― Captain Diggle; who knows everything.

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                           Once you let the  d a r k n e s s  in, it never comes out.

You deserve someone better. Someone who can harness that  l i g h t  that’s still inside of you.

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Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are in love with each other.

Pass it on.

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The producers don't even realize they're dismantling the entire basis of their show, which was based on True Love being the strongest magic. Now suddenly it's all soulmate trumps true love. What? Last I checked it was True Love that can break any curse, not soulmate. At least we can reasonably infer that 1) Neal was Emma's True Love and 2) Hook is not, which is why his curse failed to be broken by Emma.


This already vague concept of True Love is getting even more confusing now that they’ve added soulmate to the equiation as a different thing.

They should spend more time fixing their plot holes rather than invented new way of justifying their romances without actually trying to make them interesting.

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jmo and colin refered to cs as passion first they say shit like "he never hurt her" now "passion" yeah okay am i suppsoed to believe that emma saying something like "next time curse someone i actually want to kiss" is passion lol


I am so done with their trying so hard to pass CS as a good romance.

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Come on, guys! Let's not get invested in 'true love' vs. 'soul mates' right now. We all realize that if CS doesn't bring in enough viewers next season that they'll just modify everything they said this summer and flip it for the next guy who immediately falls in love with Emma for no reason other than she's 'special'. By then: Neal won't be mentioned at all, Hook will be her TRUE LOVE but it just couldn't work out (not the valid reasons listed on this blog), and new guy is totes her SOUL MATE!


CS hasn’t brought viewers for a year and they’re still pushing it so, I wouldn’t count on that.

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